Designing for Myself 
Inspired by styles of the 1920s and the Bauhaus Ballet. This piece is a reminder to designers of the importance of self-fulfilling work.

Surviving at 53rd Parallel North
A declaration of survival for those living at 53 degrees north of the equator with -30C temperatures.

Dedication to the Kraft
Inspired by retro Kraft Cheez Wiz packaging. This play on words expresses the personal importance of craft in my design and illustration practice. Fully getting consumed by the details of making the work where my hands are able to execute what my eyes want to create.

Keep. Donate. Toss
Lettering different "items" and sorting them into categories as new year resolutions of what to hold onto and what to let go of. 

Peace on Earth
Retro Christmas illustration inspired by angel tree-toppers from the 1960's with golden beehives.

O Little Town of Bethlehem
Colourful Christmas lettering for this classic holiday tune.

The Creative Life Cycle
A diagram showing the cyclical nature of the creative process.

New York City
A celebratory piece anticipating a first time visit to the Big Apple. 

Passion Project
Art Deco inspired lettering and illustration about the importance of self-directed projects.

Commemorating the inaugural LetterWest conference in Salt Lake City, Utah

I Love Lettering
A personal expression of a newfound creative outlet set against the Red Rocks and Delicate Arch of Utah.

There's Room For You
A statement of encouragement that there is space for all creatives and that holding onto that community is more valuable than creating a competitive environment.

What is Your One Non-Negotiable
A quote from designer, educator, and podcaster, Debbie Millman. This quote asks us to determine for ourselves what our core negotiable is that we require for our lives. 

Welcome to the Industry
Created in the style of retro city welcome signs, this piece expresses the transition from student to working designer. The industry, while new and exciting, also comes without a safety net.  

You will be Remembered Fondly
An aspiration written in the stars. To be be remembered well by colleagues, family, and friends. 

You Are More Than Your Work
A reminder that our personal worth is not connected to our creative output. 

World's Best
An honorary award for those friends who we talk to for hours on the phone with.

A delicate script lettering piece honouring home. 

The Choir of Royal Holloway
A lettering piece for a visiting choral concert.

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