Paul Twa is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Edmonton, Alberta. A graduate of the University of Alberta's Bachelor of Design program, Business/Marketing route, Paul is passionate about using visual communication to tell stories and inspire action. He has worked on projects for such clients as the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation, Royal Bison, ParityYEG, and the UofA’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Paul’s background as an image maker translates into his process of developing a brand identity, using the unique personality of his clients to build an identity supported by an expansive visual system. His work as an illustrator is used as a tool in his projects to engage with audiences and make complex ideas accessible. Paul currently works at Sticks & Stones, an advertising agency in Edmonton.
In his spare time Paul develops illustrations for people's homes and wardrobes, including sweaters, throw pillows, and other colourful products. He has sold his goods at Royal Bison, General Concern, and pop-up shops at Kingsway Mall and West Edmonton Mall. A collector of print ephemera from the 1950s and 60s, he enjoys using collage as a more tactile approach to image-making and a way to explore new techniques.
APPLIED ARTS Young Blood Illustration - Single (2021)
RGD UltraBold Awards Finalist (2020) 

RGD So(cial) Good Design Award: Government (2020) – Sticks & Stones
AD Rodeo / ANVIL Award for Craft: Illustration (2019) – Sticks & Stones

RGD Entro Award for Placemaking Design (2018)

RGD So(cial) Good Design Award: Student (2018)

GDC Ray Hrynkow Scholarship (2017)

Honourable mention for the RGD Zulu Alpha Kilo Award for Advertising/Promotion Design (2017)

John Baldwin Memorial Prize in Visual Communication (2016)

Louise McKinney Post-Secondary Scholarship (2015, 2016)

Universiade '83 Scholarship (2015, 2016)
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