Work created at Sticks & Stones
*Winner of the Advertising Club of Edmonton (ACE) Award of Distinction - Typography (2022) 
Film Title Design
Poster Design
The concept for the poster was to take the architecture of a concert hall, the Winspear Centre (where the Chamber Music Festival is usually held), and visually pull it apart/socially distance the elements. With indoor performances not possible, musicians perform in empty venues and ‘plein air’ with the natural landscape becoming their audience. Architectural planes on the poster are filled with impressionist paintings in a spectrum of lush greens. The title design of 'Chamber' and the musician credits use custom angular script lettering that resembles energetic musical notation.



Musician Credits
Opening Title Sequence
Collaborated with the animation team to integrate the musician credits I designed into the opening title sequence. 
Lettering for Song Titles


Lettering Stills from Documentary

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