Work Created at Sticks & Stones
Presented with the task of producing a minute-long video which gave an overview of the work MCCAC had done since their founding 10 years ago. My role included developing the storyboard for the video, producing the custom illustrations, and working in collaboration with the animation team to have the illustrations built in layers that respond to the movement of the ‘camera’, creating a three-dimensional effect.
Animated Vignettes

Preliminary Sketches 

For the second phase of the project, I worked to create a series of social media templates the communications team at MCCAC could use to improve workflow on a daily basis. I took this opportunity to integrate the spot illustrations from the video into their brand materials as well as deepen the brand’s visual system with both the typography and image making decisions. The goal here was to create guidelines that were structured enough to provide guidance to staff, but also provide flexibility and customization as a user-friendly system to work within. This process led to developing typographic lockups for their various programs that could be integrated across print, digital, and video communication as well as developing a vast library of 30+ illustrations that could speak to the breadth of their work. Layering these narratively rich illustrations with a set of pre-made abstract hill forms created a system that provides infinite iterations that cater to specific applications.

Thank You Card

Social Media Carousel Ads


Arial Solar Array

Contractor Team

Exterior Home Retrofit

Spot Illustrations Application

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