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Campaign Identity
The identity system for the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation's 'Tomorrow & Today' Campaign visualizes the journey of Stollery's past, present, and future. The journey may be full of ups and downs, twists and turns, but the outcome is for every child in Alberta to have a better tomorrow, starting with the things we build today. A gradient connected line became the visual language for the identity system being used for the campaign logo, illustrations, and visual messaging. The line is infinite and can be extended to contain and describe Stollery's history and vision for the future.
Illustration System
Careful consideration was given while developing the illustrations into creating a system that could be flexible and modular. The approach needed to depict both specific and broad visual concepts and communicate an optimistic spirit while describing serious challenges with sensitivity. The Illustrations echo the direction of the campaign's logo to expand the identity system. Using the existing brand palette of the Stollery, but in a new way, as a connected gradient.
Social Media Content
Activation Site Illustrations
I developed a series of illustrations to be used for an interactive site to gauge public interest in a standalone children's hospital for Alberta. The illustrations help guide the user through the various quizzes and survey questions surrounding the topics of surgery, mental health, family-centered care, the Stollery team, traveling to the Stollery, and the path to wellness. The site's purpose is to gather community responses while also communicating Stollery's needs by providing educational content in an engaging interactive experience. The illustration style I developed for the Tomorrow & Today campaign was put to the test in this project by rendering figures, medical equipment, and abstract concepts with just a single gradient line.
Dynamic Footer Illustrations


Mental health

Family-centred care

Supporting our team

Traveling to the Stollery

Path to wellness

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